Cheese Organic: Vintage Cheddar - SD (Esky Required)

Two Providores supplying Symons Organic Dairy Co.
$9.50 150 g Cheese Organic: Vintage Cheddar - SD (Esky Required)

NOTE: If you wish to buy this item and may not be home or receiving your delivery overnight, please leave an esky* out your door prior to your assigned delivery time window.

*Please supply your own cool storage(s) (e.g. cool bag(s), esky) with adequate space, also ensuring that sufficient amounts of ice bricks / frozen packs are placed inside, with consideration to the size of your order.

Symons Organic Dairy Vintage Cheddar is a natural cheese manufactured from fresh organic cow's milk. This cheese is light golden in color with a clean cheese flavour that is free from bitter, fermented and fruity flavours. Cheddar is matured for at least 6 months, after which the best wheels of cheddar are hand-selected and put aside to age for a further 6 months, maturing beautifully. Unlike a lot of mainstream vintage cheddars which are all tang and bite and not much else, this cheese is a subtle, but full flavoured cheddar with a lovely clean flavour. Holds its own on any after-dinner cheese platter.

The Symons family have been farming & producing dairy in the Bendigo region for over 100 years. The family traditionally farmed using all-organic principles for decades, prior to the existence of organic classifications. In a return to the family's old ways, Symons Organic Dairy was launched in 2017 by Bruce Symons– third generation milk man, wanting to make organic dairy products accessible to all.

The Symons are committed to organic food because they recognise that the whole system is connected – soil, plants, animals, food, people and, not least, the environment.

All Symons products are certified organic by AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd.

Ingredients: Pasteurised Organic Milk (>97.8%), Salt (<2.0%) Cultures (<0.1%) and Rennet (non-animal) (<0.1%).

Origin of Ingredients: Made in Australia from at least 98% Australian Ingredients.

Allergens advice: Contains dairy (milk)

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