Cinnamon Myrtle: Dried - MM (LIMITED to stock on hand - BB 01/02/2024)

Mabu Mabu
$4.90 15 g Cinnamon Myrtle: Dried - MM (LIMITED to stock on hand - BB 01/02/2024)

Dried Cinnamon Myrtle leaves in a glass jar.

Wonderful in both savoury and sweet dishes, cinnamon myrtle can be used in place of regular cinnamon in cakes, biscuits, curries and stews. Alternatively, use to make a herbal tea or in a smoothie.

Mabu Mabu is an Indigenous-owned food business on a mission to make native ingredients the hero of the Australian kitchen. Owner and executive chef Nornie Bero is from the Komet Tribe of the Meriam people of Mer Island, raised in the Torres Strait. As a professional chef for over 20 years in Melbourne and London, Nornie is passionate about sharing the food culture she grew up with on the Islands.

Mabu Mabu’s small-batch teas, spices, and sauces with Indigenous and tropical flavours are all made by hand in Naarm/Melbourne and sourced from suppliers who are passionate about Australia's Indigenous food industry. Their products are hand made in small batches with all natural ingredients.

Packaging is high-quality glass jars and bottles that are 100% recyclable.

Ingredients: 100% dried cinnamon myrtle leaves.

Origin of Ingredients: Australia.

Storage instructions: Keep air tight and away from sunlight to preserve flavour.

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It's fun and challenging to cook with what's available and the produce is so much fresher than anywhere else. Our family loves them!

— Lila

We are loving our first box, my kids asked if they could visit [the growers] to thank them for the amazing apples! Too cute. Totally pleased with the quality, quantity and ease. It was like opening a treasure box.

— Kim

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