Lunch Lady Lou

Self taught cook, recipe developer, veggie lover and Kitchen Nonna
Lunch Lady Lou

Lou joined our community and was one of our very first supporters during our humble beginnings, all the way back in 2013. Vividly we remember delivering our first boxes to her doorstep. It has been wonderful to see Lou embark on her adventures and we just can't express how much it means to be able to share the skills and wisdom she has acquired over many years. It is such a pleasure to learn from Lou as it resonates - some of us may still be trying to figure out how to up our skills in the kitchen (we know we do) and incorporate even more veggies into our diets. Rest assured that with her genuine and super authentic nature, Lou will be able to show you how to preserve those natural flavours and have your tastebuds dance :) Here a few words from Lou herself: 'I’m a self taught cook, recipe developer, veggie lover and Kitchen Nonna. I believe that life is too long to be a terrible cook, or whinge about cooking day in day out for decades. I’m on a mission to remind people (with passionate hand gestures) to take care of themselves and to cook! I teach you the things that your Grandma should have (maybe did a little bit) passed down to us. The knowledge of home cooking. It all started with a lunch delivery business to busy corporate women in the Sydney CBD which morphed into a catering business and has seen my recipes and work show up in publications like Vogue, Harris Farm, Body + Soul, 1Million Women and more. In 2019 I switched gears to help bring change within the home. I want to inspire you to feed yourself and your family - day in, day out, with simple food and a side of kitchen dancing. Because you absolutely can. I believe and I know.. Creating simple cooking rituals that support our health is too important to ignore or pass off for takeaway, UberEats and packet food. Eating food you’ve made from scratch at home gives you more energy than the perceived threat that the effort of cooking (and washing up) will take away. Innately, everyone knows how to cook but it’s been beaten out of us by an industry determined to make you believe that cooking is hard, messy, time consuming and a chore. Cooking creates the connection we desire and savours the memories, culture and recipes from our past. Everyone can cook and one of the only reasons cooking is boring is because we've been told to follow someone else's 'rules' in the kitchen (via recipes) and if we pushed the ‘I can’t cook story’ to the side for 1 minute, a whole new world opens up. This is what I do.. I offer private coaching and health mentoring and a range of fun online cooking school classes. I burn your shackles from the kitchen, remove your recipe rut and replace it with one simple belief: I can cook. I empower you beyond the recipe into freestyle mode. We do this by cooking recipes, funny that. We keep cooking them, we reflect and we focus on flavour. We start with the basic ingredients and your kitchen skills to create a supportive recipe bank through learnt experience that supports your life, values and schedule.

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They are a 'godsend' for busy families wishing to expand their fruit and vegetable consumption, while eating locally and seasonally. So convenient to order and receive, they combine friendly service with consistently high-quality products.

— Liz

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