Louise & Eden from Fanelli Organics

Louise & Eden from Fanelli Organics

Nestled among 45 acres of lovingly regenerated farmland in the NSW Central Coast Hinterland, just 97km from our Marrickville warehouse, lies the cherished certified organic farm of Louise and Eden.⁠ This passionate couple embraces a life in harmony with Mother Nature, cultivating seasonal produce for the local community and nurturing their dream of raising a son who takes pride in his hardworking hands. Among Eden's fondest childhood memories is his time spent in the very orange orchard that continues to be harvested today. Picture a young Eden frolicking among the trees, chasing after irrigation sprinklers, and bursting into laughter as water splashes over him. Farm life paints a unique, unforgettable childhood canvas: one of mud pies, tractor rides, and dirt-streaked adventures. Through these experiences, Eden developed a profound love and respect for the land that's difficult to put into words—a bond with nature that's truly unparalleled. In 2012, Eden purchased the farm that now serves as their family sanctuary, enabling his parents to enjoy their golden years. The land, graced with a mature orange orchard, marked the beginning of Eden's journey as a fourth-generation farmer. With no way to sell his produce initially, Eden started small, planting an acre of zucchini and dedicating himself to rejuvenating the soil after years of disregard. Gradually, Eden and his wife, Louise, expanded their flourishing market garden and began selling their bounty directly at local farmers markets—bypassing the middle man entirely. After three years of farming in harmony with nature and honouring the agricultural wisdom passed down from Eden's Nonna, obtaining organic certification was simply the next logical step. The past nine years have brought remarkable accomplishments to the farm, but the birth of their son, Jude, in 2020 stands as their crowning achievement. Already, little Jude is poised to follow in his father's footsteps, donning his gumboots every morning and shadowing Eden wherever he goes. The family's love, dedication, and hard work all make perfect sense now, and there's nothing more heartwarming than the prospect of Jude growing up on the same cherished farm as his father, laughing and playing under the setting sun in their very own slice of paradise.

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They are a 'godsend' for busy families wishing to expand their fruit and vegetable consumption, while eating locally and seasonally. So convenient to order and receive, they combine friendly service with consistently high-quality products.

— Liz

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