Matt and Karen from Honest to Goodness

Matt and Karen from Honest to Goodness

Honest to Goodness is a Sydney based distributor of certified organic food & natural food products, providing a great range of high quality, nutritious, healthy, ethically sourced pantry staples and health products. They provide a great selection of products for the environmentally responsible consumer, the conscious business owner or the family nurturer; all of whom no longer want to accept compromises regarding their nutrition, their health or our environment. Honest to goodness source local and international organic and natural products from farmers they know and partners they trust. Honest to Goodness was established in 2002 by Matt & Karen Ward, who continue to own and operate the business today as one of Australia’s leading companies supplying quality organic food & natural products. Honest to Goodness was originally founded on the back of growing frustrations with the direction that the food industry was taking, and with a great desire to make healthy food and ingredients affordable for everyone. Matt and Karen started off by selling unpackaged nuts and dried fruits at various growers' markets around Sydney. Over the years the Honest to Goodness brand has evolved and expanded its product offering into a vast retail grocery range, as well as bulk ingredient supply. Matt has actively kept the Honest to Goodness brand out of the two major supermarket chains and advocates for independent grocers. He believes that small to medium size business can maintain an upper hand in the organic and natural foods sector despite growing competition. Matt is convinced that people are increasingly looking for healthier, more socially responsible food choices, and believes that Honest to Goodness delivers this through the ongoing education and supply of good value, quality, nutritious food. Across 3 consecutive years, Honest to Goodness was publicly voted as Favourite Organic Brand, Best Organic Wholesaler and Best Organic Online Store in the Organic Consumers Choice Awards for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Honest to Goodness certified as a B Corporation in 2015, which recognises a company commitment to ethical and environmental practices. As a B Corporation, they continually look to reuse, recycle and refuse and strive to make conscious business decisions in all of the day to day operations. Both Matt and Karen remain committed to their dream of a sustainable, ethical food business and community, whom all involved enjoy being a part of. One of the key understandings at Honest to Goodness is that they remain forever conscious that the products they sell become a part of the families who eat or use them, and this is why they favour the best quality, nutritious food and ethically sourced products.

They are a 'godsend' for busy families wishing to expand their fruit and vegetable consumption, while eating locally and seasonally. So convenient to order and receive, they combine friendly service with consistently high-quality products.

— Liz

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