Fried Grey Oyster Mushrooms

by Everyday Food, Fresh & Simple
Fried Grey Oyster Mushrooms


oyster mushrooms
green onions
salt and pepper


The first thing you should know about preparing oyster mushrooms is that you shouldn't wash or rinse them. You just need to clean them with a slightly damp paper kitchen towel. First, melt butter in a skillet. Cut the oyster mushrooms in bite size and place them in the skillet in a single layer. Second, add in garlic cloves with their skin on and chopped green onions. Third, turn the mushrooms over when their bottom is golden and season with salt and black pepper. Shake the skillet often and reduce the heat when it is needed until golden. Transfer them in a bowl and repeat the same steps for the remaining mushrooms.

Oyster mushrooms are one of those low-calorie foods with high nutrients. They are known as natural antioxidants, so good for body cells. Plus, these mushrooms have a cholesterol lowering effect. Grilling them is a great idea if you want to avoid frying for health issues. They are as tasty when grilled.

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